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The Kestrel Chronicles

These are stories about Kestrel, a fast interplantary transport in our Solar System five thousand years in our future. Kestrel is a torch, a very fast ship. She is also a sensitive and intelligent being who has served and cared for members of the Rayleigh family for almost two centuries.

These are stories of Kestrel, her captain and crew, and the myriad worlds of the solar system circa 7,000 A.D.

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
253 pages 291 pages 434 pages
$8.99 in paperback $9.99 in paperback $16.00 in paperback
$2.99 on Kindle $2.99 on Kindle $3.99 on Kindle
Coming Soon:
Book 4 Book 5
A Child of the Abyss The Dream of the Witch

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